Tenko’s Magical Sword Quest
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Tenko’s Magical Sword Quest


A fast-paced precision platformer where play as a Ninja that must go on an adventure to collect photons to reach a super charged state, which will allow you to jump higher and run faster.

This is a demo with 30 levels. Make sure to support the kickstarter for a full-fledge game.

Prologue Story:

Tenko’s Magical Sword Quest is to craft a magical sword from a stone piece he found as a young child. This stone raised Tenko’s awareness that other stones like this one exist. Take Tenko on his journey to collect all the magical stone pieces.  Will he come to realize along the way it’s not the sword that makes the warrior or is the stone itself on a quest to find the one that can harness its true power?


Tenko’s Magical Sword Quest is now on KickStarter! Support here: KickStarter



Developed by LVGames

Just Have Fun!