Tap Knight

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Tap Knight

Tap Knight is an RPG clicker/incremental game – slowly become strong enough to slay all the Evil Dark Mages.

Travel across villages, forests, castles, caves & many more places to defeat all the bosses.

In your adventure, you’ll face many obstacles but also, there are lots of things to discover! Swords, chests, potions, artifacts, armor, and trophies are waiting for their true hero to be unlocked!

– Tons of bosses to battle.
– Potion crafting. Collect ingredients to create various potions that influence the gameplay.
– Sword shop. Unlock swords that affect your abilities.
– Tons of abilities.
– 20 artifacts (an item that affects gameplay in an unusual and unique way)
– Lots of levels.
– Dozens of weapons!
– Wonderful graphics.

Developed by White Zebra Games

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

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