Tank MIX
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Tank MIX


Tank MIX is a idle game where you try to construct top-notch military gear to combat extraterrestrial invaders! Connect tanks for enhanced strength and deploy them in battle to decimate alien spacecraft. Utilize the amps for optimal results.

The objective of the game is to generate new tank varieties through merging their prior upgrades. Merge two tanks by dragging one onto the other. Only tanks of equal level can be merged. To deploy a tank on the battlefield, simply drag it with your finger. Once on the battlefield, tanks will automatically drive and fire at alien ships, earning coins for each hit. These coins can be used to purchase previously researched tank models. Obtain various boosters from flying drones or purchase them in the Shop

Additional features include:

  • – Assemble a collection of captured alien vessels and earn crystals
  • – Engage in player vs player tournaments
  • – Receive rewards for accomplishments
  • – Capture drones for added bonuses.


Tank MIX is developed by Persona Game Studio.

Just Have Fun!