Super Ryona World 3
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Super Ryona World 3

Dive into the enchanting world of “Super Ryona World 3,” a thrilling platformer inspired by classic Mario games. In this gripping installment, you join the courageous daughters of Queen Ryona as they embark on a daring mission to rescue their mother, Queen Elizabeth, from the clutches of the malevolent Evil Skull.

Plot and Setting: During a serene walk, Queen Elizabeth is suddenly kidnapped by the nefarious Evil Skull. Now, her brave daughters must penetrate the depths of Evil Skull’s formidable castle to bring her back safely. The journey is filled with challenges, as each section of the castle is cleverly locked behind magical paintings that lead to diverse and treacherous worlds.

Dynamic Gameplay: Players will navigate through a series of intricate levels, each hidden behind enchanted paintings that serve as gateways to new challenges and environments. You must master the art of jumping, dodging, and utilizing a variety of power-ups inherited from past adventures to overcome obstacles and defeat foes.

Engaging Power-Ups: As you progress, collect classic and new power-ups that enhance abilities and offer new ways to tackle challenges. From high jumps and speed boosts to new attacks that let you break through barriers or discover hidden paths, each power-up brings you closer to rescuing the queen.

Multi-Level Challenges: “Super Ryona World 3” intensifies as you delve deeper into Evil Skull’s castle. Each painting transports the princesses to unique worlds filled with distinct enemies, obstacles, and secrets. These levels are designed not only to test your platforming skills but also to tell the story of the princesses’ resilience and determination.

Cooperative Gameplay: Experience the adventure in solo mode or team up with a friend in local co-op. This dual-player mode allows each player to control one of the princesses, combining their strengths and abilities to navigate through the game’s challenges more effectively.


Super Ryona World 3 is developed by RHM Interactive.

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