Stone House Orphanage
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Stone House Orphanage

In “Stone House: Orphanage,” you step into the shoes of a seasoned investigator tasked with unraveling the mystery behind the disappearance of two children from a seemingly malevolent orphanage. As you delve deeper into the chilling corridors and silent rooms of Stone House, managed by enigmatic nuns, tension mounts with each step. The game is set in a creepily realistic 3D environment that enhances the spine-tingling atmosphere, making every shadow and sound a potential clue or a harbinger of danger.

Your main objective is to gather evidence and piece together the events that led to the children’s vanishing. This involves navigating through the dimly lit orphanage, interacting with objects, and solving puzzles that reveal the orphanage’s grim history. Key to your investigation is the mother superior, whose guarded conversations may hold the answers to the dark secrets lurking behind the orphanage’s walls.

Armed with nothing but your wits and a camera to document this haunting journey, every choice and conversation could lead you closer to the truth or deeper into peril. As you uncover the layers of mystery, prepare for startling revelations that could shake the foundation of your beliefs about the orphanage. Will you solve the case, or will the oppressive atmosphere of Stone House overwhelm you? The fate of the missing children hangs in the balance.

Made for the Two-Minute Horror Jam.

This game is made by pixelb.

Just Have Fun!