Stickmen Crowd Fight
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Stickmen Crowd Fight


Stickmen Crowd Fight is a action-packed game, where you will punch, kick, and slap your way through a cartoon city, smashing through gates to increase the size of your stickman crowd. Build up your stickman warriors to defeat opposing crowds, take out towers, and confront bosses during clashes.

Use power-ups to speed up your run, avoid traffic, and smash through obstacles. Collect coins to unlock tons of stickmen and women and customize them to your liking.

Earn bonuses based on your fight stats in each round. With endless gameplay, almost 50 skins to unlock, and the ability to customize your skins, you can build a huge crowd and fight against enemy crowds and bosses.

A bit of elementary math is required to truthy master this game.


Stickmen Crowd Fight is developed by Drmop Games.

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