Stickman Throw Master
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Stickman Throw Master

In “Stickman Throw Master,” get ready for an exhilarating action-packed experience filled with stealth puzzles and teleportation gameplay!

As a skilled stickman, you’ll need to rely on your wits and quick reflexes to navigate through each level. The environment is fully interactive, allowing you to drop weapons, blow up barrels, and even destroy parts of the environment to your advantage. Teleportation adds an extra layer of strategy, enabling you to swiftly move across the area, shorten distances, and dodge incoming attacks.

Your ultimate goal is to eliminate the bad guys that await you at every level. However, there’s a catch – you must accomplish this task with just one powerful blow. It’s all about precision and timing as you plan your moves and execute your strikes with deadly accuracy.

The game offers a variety of challenging levels, each presenting unique puzzles and obstacles to overcome. You’ll need to use your surroundings wisely, manipulate objects, and make use of your teleportation ability to outsmart your enemies and eliminate them efficiently.

With its fast-paced gameplay, intense combat, and strategic elements, “Stickman – Throw Master” will keep you engaged and entertained as you strive to complete each level flawlessly. Sharpen your sword skills, hone your throwing techniques, and become a true master of the stickman realm.

Are you ready to take on the challenge and showcase your swordplay skills in this thrilling action game? Step into the shoes of a skilled stickman and unleash your deadly blows!


Stickman Throw Master is developed by Antar Games.

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