Stick Versus Zombies – Survival
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Stick Versus Zombies – Survival

Get ready for the ultimate test of survival in “Stick Versus Zombies – Survival,” where your strategic skills and quick reflexes are your best allies. Navigate through a world overrun by the undead in this thrilling stick-figure themed survival game.

Game Highlights:

  • Realistic Physics: Experience a game where every shot and every movement feels grounded in real-world physics. This adds a layer of complexity and realism to your strategies, especially when taking down zombies.
  • Diverse Arsenal: Arm yourself with an array of weapons to defend against the zombie horde. From traditional firearms to explosive devices, choose your gear wisely to maximize your survival chances.
  • Varied Game Modes: Whether you prefer defending a fixed location or roaming the streets clearing zombies, the game offers several modes to keep the gameplay exciting and challenging.
  • Zombie Diversity: Not all zombies are created equal. Encounter different types of zombies, each with unique behaviors and weaknesses. Learn the best ways to tackle each type to survive longer.
  • Location-Based Damage: Precision matters. Zombies take damage according to where they are hit, so aim for the head to make each shot count!
  • Increasing Difficulty: The longer you survive, the larger and more relentless the zombie crowd becomes. Prepare for the intensity to ramp up as you progress, pushing your survival skills to the limit.

Multiple Locations:

  • Home: Your personal haven has been breached. Defend your home from waves of zombies trying to invade your space.
  • Defense: Hold your ground in structured defense scenarios where strategic placement and resource management are key.
  • Street: Take the fight to the streets in a mobile battle against the undead, navigating tight corners and abandoned cars.
  • City Cleanup: Join efforts to reclaim the city, clearing out large swaths of zombies in heavily infested urban areas.
  • Military Base: Utilize military-grade weapons and strategic advantages of a base to withstand waves of attacks.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • On PC:
    • AD – character movement;
    • R – reload weapons;
    • E – Change weapons;
    • Esc – Pause
    • Aiming with the mouse;
    • Mouse buttons – Shooting.
  • On mobile devices:
    • Use the buttons on your phone’s screen.