Stick Squad 3
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Stick Squad 3


Stick Squad 3 brings the thrilling return of Ron Hawkins and Damian Walker, the world’s premier snipers, in an action-packed sequel. This installment introduces 20 new missions where the sharpshooting duo confronts a dangerous criminal organization. Their main objective is to track down and eliminate the enigmatic leader known only as “The Voice.”

As players navigate through varied missions, they will find themselves in intense scenarios requiring precision and calm under pressure. Each shot with the sniper rifle counts, especially when the action heats up and the stakes are high. The game challenges players to maintain steady aim and clear judgment to successfully take down targets and advance the story.

With “Stick Squad 3,” fans of the series and new players alike can expect a blend of strategy, skill, and narrative depth, making each mission a test of sniping prowess and tactical planning.

Stick Squad 3 is a flash game made by Brutal Studio in 2015. Now it is playable again online.

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