Top Sniper
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Top Sniper


In this game, a group of mercenaries has taken control of a plant, and it’s up to you to eliminate as many militants as possible. Equipped with a powerful rifle, you’ll embark on a sniper simulation experience where precise shooting is crucial.

Your accuracy will be influenced by various factors such as distance, wind direction, and even the shooter’s breath. Sharpen your aiming skills through rigorous training and master the handling of your formidable rifle.

Take a moment to steady your pulse, line up your shot with the help of the telescopic sight, and release your breath as you squeeze the trigger. Consider the distance to your targets and the force of the wind to ensure a successful hit.

Don’t allow them to escape and jeopardize your base. Time is of the essence, so free your base from this imminent threat and emerge victorious!

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • WASD – movement in space.
  • Mouse – for a circular view.
  • Left mouse button – fire.
  • Right mouse button – optical sight (aiming).
  • R key – reload.
  • C key – sit.
  • Left SHIFT – accelerate while running, hold your breath while aiming.
  • SPACE – jump.
  • TAB or ESC key – call menus