Space Symbols IO

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Space Symbols IO

Conquer the universe as you absorb other player’s symbols in outer space.

– Take the shape of your opponent and absorb his or her symbol.
– To absorb your opponent, you need to have the same shape, but make sure you take his or her shape after your opponent has taken it.
– Left mouse click or Press Spacebar to change symbol
– The farther from the symbol your cursor is, the faster it moves
-Use acceleration to attack your opponent by surprise.
– The symbol change rate increases as more symbols are opened.

This is an intense game and you must act quickly and keep an eye on what your enemies are doing – keep changing your shape, keep moving and stay alert at all times. You can accelerate and move faster using your mouse so try to catch your enemies by surprise and launch quick attacks. As you progress, you symbol increases in power and the rate at which you can change shape increases.

Can you dominate space and conquer the arena as the top shape changer?

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.