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Join in on the mayhem with SchoolBreak io, an addictive multiplayer io game by Tobspr. Whether you choose to play as a student or a teacher, the goal is to create chaos in the school during break time. As a student, your mission is to fill up the chaos meter by pulling pranks, while as a teacher, you must catch the students and send them to detention. With rounds lasting around 5 minutes and accommodating 4 to 12 players, you can prove your worth as the most problematic student or the strictest teacher.

Get ready to cause a ruckus with 2D action sandbox gameplay and a comprehensive map editor. From throwing and pushing to smashing and spilling, you can use a variety of verbs to create the biggest mess possible. Uncover unique interactions, such as using deodorant to put out a fire, and develop your own prank strategies on multiple maps. But be careful not to get caught by the teachers, and don’t forget to frame Timothy for your mischievous deeds!

Play as Student:

Achieve victory by causing as much mayhem as you can within the given time limit! Collaborate with fellow students to deceive the teachers and evade getting caught. Frame your classmates to put the blame on them and cause trouble for the teachers with their parents. Test out a plethora of items in diverse maps and devise your own tactics.

Play as Teacher:

Your mission as a teacher is to maintain order and prevent chaos until the timer runs out! Explore the map to find out who’s causing trouble among the students, and send them to detention. Be careful not to accuse the wrong student or you’ll have some explaining to do to their parents!

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Pick up an object – E
  • Use an object – Hold down the left mouse button