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Sonny 2


Sonny 2, is the sequel to the popular flash game Sonny, and continues the storyline from where it left off. The game features seven zones; five story zones and two bonus zones, with the latter only accessible on Challenging difficulty or higher. Set in the same universe as Sonny, the game takes place in a world filled with advanced technology and various mental disciplines. Combat involves using clubs, swords, rifles, staffs, magic, and specialized physical and mental attacks. Zombies seem to have overrun much of the world, leading to the formation of ZPCI (Zombie Pest Control Incorporated) who are the main antagonists of the series and will stop at nothing to remain in business, including killing anyone involved in finding a cure for zombification.


In Sonny 2, players once again assume the role of the titular character Sonny, a zombie who has retained his cognitive abilities, granting him access to superhuman powers. The game’s campaign is divided into stages consisting of a series of battles, with up to three enemies and two allies allowed in each battle. In each turn-based battle, both sides can choose to make aggressive or defensive moves from a customizable action wheel, with a maximum of eight actions available. The action wheel can be modified outside of battle to suit the player’s strategy.


The three combat classes in this game are Psychological, Biological, and Hydraulic. The Psychological class utilizes mental attacks to directly target the enemy’s mind, with powerful but situational abilities. However, players should be cautious as these abilities can lead to betrayal or even sacrificing allies.

The Biological class, on the other hand, relies on physical strength and speed to overpower enemies. Players can choose between advanced physical combat or using their arsenal of poisons to melt their enemies down. This class is recommended for beginners due to its straightforward gameplay.

Lastly, the Hydraulic class focuses on manipulating water as a weapon. The abilities available allow players to control water in various ways, including freezing it to form ice or even creating tidal waves. This class offers a unique playstyle for those looking for a challenge.


  • Producer : Jakrin Juangbhanich
  • Assistant : Philipp Knothe
  • Sound : David Orr
  • Animation : William Arbuckle
  • Graphics : Joan C.G.
  • Male Cast : Andrew Dennis
  • Female Cast : Mandi N.

The game was originally made in Adobe Flash and released on December 19, 2008. Now it is once again playable on the modern web browser thanks to

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