Sims 2 Pets
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Sims 2 Pets


In “The Sims 2: Pets” for the Game Boy Advance, you take on the role of a Sim in Bakersville, a well-equipped town featuring a variety of establishments such as pet adoption centers, pet hospitals, training facilities, cafes, and parks. The gameplay closely mirrors the classic Sims experience on PC, where you manage your Sim’s needs and daily activities. Additionally, a significant aspect of the game focuses on pet care, where your main responsibility involves looking after the town’s pets. By caring for pets, you earn money which can be used to expand your collection of pets. This version offers a more structured gameplay experience compared to other platforms. Unlike the DS version, which centers around managing an animal hospital as a veterinarian, the GBA version blends traditional Sims gameplay with role-playing elements, offering a unique twist on managing life and pets.

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