Sift Heads 3
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Sift Heads 3


Sift Heads 3 is a sequel to Sift Heads 2, where Vinnie faced an attack by the mafia.

Chapter 1: The Last Mafia’s Son

After the attack, Vinnie returns to seek revenge against the Mafia. He kills some guards and enters an elevator, but the Mafia boss blows up the lift. Vinnie escapes the explosion and finds another way to get up. In a knife fight, he kills the boss, who states that a knife is not enough to kill him. Vinnie throws the knife and takes the boss’s Beretta.

Chapter 2: Chicago’s Rooftops

Vinnie jumps on another house and is confronted by guards. A police officer asks Vinnie to drop the weapons, but he defeats the officer and forces him to reveal his commander, Ralph Ducan. Vinnie shoots the five police snipers and slides to the bottom of the building.

Chapter 3: Sewer’s Puzzles

Vinnie enters the sewer and solves a puzzle to proceed further. After entering the code 7438 on the analyzer, Vinnie finds himself in the police quarters.

Chapter 4: Police Quarters

Vinnie faces numerous police officers and the Mafia in this chapter, similar to the first one.

Chapter 5: Duck Hunt

Vinnie uses a computer to locate Major Ducan. On the roof, he uses a sniper rifle to take out Ducan’s chopper.

Originally published on April 8th, 2008. Updated and now playable on the modern web browser.


Sift Heads 3 is developed by Pyrozen.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • WAD = move and jump
  • Left-click = shoot and attack
  • E = reload
  • Q = switch weapons
  • S = block