Short Ride
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Short Ride

“Short Ride” is an online game developed by Gametornado, serving as the sequel to the popular “Short Life.” This game is a physics-based obstacle course that challenges players to navigate through a series of hazardous environments while collecting stars and attempting to survive. In “Short Ride,” players must dodge deadly traps and overcome obstacles, enhancing the gameplay experience from its predecessor, “Short Life.”

Unlike the first game, which primarily featured on-foot navigation, “Short Ride” introduces a variety of transportation options, such as bikes, which players can use to traverse the perilous courses. This addition not only diversifies the gameplay but also adds a new layer of strategy as players decide the best means of transport to survive each section of the gauntlet. The game continues to deliver the thrilling and sometimes gory encounters that fans of the series expect, making it a gripping adventure for those who enjoy a challenge.


Short Ride is developed by gametornado.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Left and right arrow keys / A, D – Move left and right
  • Up arrow / W – Accelerate
  • Space bar – Get on / off bicycle