Geometry Rush with Level Editor
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Geometry Rush with Level Editor

Embark on a thrilling running adventure in this arcade game, inspired by the renowned RobTop game “Geometry Dash.” Get ready to dash through challenging levels filled with obstacles and rhythm-based gameplay. Jump, slide, and dodge your way to victory, testing your reflexes and timing skills.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! Unleash your creativity in the level editor, where you can design and build your very own levels. Craft intricate layouts, place obstacles, and customize the aesthetics to create unique challenges for yourself and other players to enjoy.

Whether you’re conquering the pre-made levels or designing your own, this game promises endless fun and excitement. Push your limits, master the rhythm, and experience the adrenaline rush of this captivating running arcade game. Are you up for the challenge?



  • Main Credit
    • Code by Djjaner
    • Music by Djjaner and Reffdix
  • Special Thanks
    • ArramEggleston (Reported most errors, thank you!)
    • Skyspino
    • OnlyTrying
    • Q_ombik

Just Have Fun!