Shell Shockers
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Shell Shockers


Shell Shockers is a online FPS multiplayer games,  control a heavily armed egg and battle real players across multiplayer maps in private or public arenas. Gear up your egg with eight different guns and customize your eggatar with hats, colorful grenades, gun skins, and decals before taking the fight to your opponents.

You can play on public multiplayer servers around the world or create your own private game to play with friends. And the best part? Shell Shockers supports cross-platform play with the web version of the game.

Earn golden eggs as you defeat your enemies, then spend them on hundreds of different gun skins, grenades, hats, decals, and other flair for your eggatar. Join millions of worldwide players in a global community of Shell Shockers, and compete with the best of io games! Note that an internet connection is required to play this game.

Game Modes:

  • Shell Shockers:  players can choose from four different game modes to battle it out against other eggs: Teams, Free For All, Captula the Spatula, and King of the Coop.
  • Teams mode: players join either the red or blue team and compete to get the most kills collectively.
  • Free For All: mode where every egg fights for themselves, and there can only be one winner.
  • Captula the Spatula: two teams fight for control of the spatula, which grants points for kills but can be lost if the player holding it dies.
  • King of the Coop: two teams aim to capture a specific area known as the coop, and the players on the winning team get rewarded with 250 golden eggs each.


Discover the seven unique weapons available in Shell Shockers, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Whether you’re a sharpshooter or a more reckless player, there’s a weapon to suit your style. For precision hits, give the Crackshot a shot. For close-range combat, unleash the Whipper. Check out the full list of weapons available in the game:

  • EggK-47 – classic medium-range automatic
  • Scrambler – high-damage shotgun
  • Free Ranger – semi-automatic sniper rifle
  • RPEGG – huge damage RPG
  • Whipper – close to medium range rapid-fire rifle
  • Crackshot – bolt-action sniper rifle
  • TriHard – accurate medium-range burst-fire rifle


Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

WASD to move
Left click to shoot
E to change weapon
Q to throw a grenade
R to reload
Space bar to jump
Shift bar to zoom and aim