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You have been cursed by a witch for 666 days. It is driving you crazy being hunted by evil spirits every second of your life. To free yourself from the curse, you found out in a old gypsy book that you can try to perform a blood-rituals to ease the spirits.

First the player must place the candles in the empty slots to activate the ritual’s markings. Once the candles are placed the player then cut himself and must spill his blood along the markings to open the pentagram portal and move on to the next stage. All of this he must do while being chased be ghosts and evil spirits.

In each level perform your ritual by collecting candles, using your bloody to activate the spell, and avoid the evil spirits.

As always, good luck and Have Fun!

Selfcrifice is a Arcade Game you can play online for free in full screen at KBH Games. No download or installation needed to play this game. Hope this game bring a little joy into your daily life.