Harry the Rabbit

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Harry the Rabbit

Play as a Harry the Rabbit the cartoon character whom made a pact with the devil. In exchange for his soul, he want his television show to have the highest rating among childrens. When the devil came to collect, Harry got cold feet and ran away, with the help of a holy carrot, refused to be taken away.

Harry the rabbit will be chased over and over until he is not protected anymore by the holy carrot.
The devil, anxious for more fun, proposed a challenge to Harry: if victorious, he would be
freed from his part of the pact; but if he lost, he would be taken away forever…

The clause stated that he needed to find all of the holy carrots in 5 days while being able to
alternate between the world of the living and an unknown parallel world.

Art and programming by Fernando J.M. Silva
Music by Murilo Romera

Will you be able to help Harry?