Screwball Scramble Online
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Screwball Scramble Online

Screwball Scramble has been reimagined as a browser-based game, paying homage to the classic 80’s toy of the same name. Your objective is to guide a metal ball through a challenging obstacle course, aiming for the fastest time possible.

For those unfamiliar with the original Screwball Scramble, it was a beloved toy from the 80s, created by Tomy. The game features seven dials, knobs, sliders, and buttons that control various obstacles in the course. Your task is to maneuver the ball through these obstacles and reach the goal in the shortest time. If the ball falls off the course, you’ll need to restart from the beginning.

This fan-made remake faithfully captures the essence of the original game, with impressive attention to detail. The physics of the ball movement feel realistic, and the game replicates all the intricate elements of the toy, even down to its original packaging. It’s a delightful nostalgic experience that fans of the classic game shouldn’t miss out on!

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