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Welcome to the exciting world of Roboduo, a 2D puzzle platformer game where you’ll embark on a thrilling adventure controlling two unique robots, Robo and Geralt. Your mission is to guide them through 17 challenging stages and help them reach the exit gate. Each robot possesses distinct abilities that are vital for their success.

Robo, the first robot, has incredible jumping capabilities, allowing him to reach higher platforms and navigate tricky obstacles. Additionally, Robo can unleash electricity, which can power up certain objects and mechanisms in the game.

On the other hand, Geralt, the second robot, possesses the strength to push boxes, enabling him to manipulate the environment and create pathways for Robo. By working together and utilizing their individual strengths, you’ll overcome various puzzles and obstacles to progress through each stage.

The key to success in Roboduo is to strategize and coordinate the actions of both robots. You’ll need to plan your moves carefully, using Robo’s jumping skills and electricity to create openings and platforms, while Geralt pushes boxes to clear the way.

With 17 stages to conquer, each offering unique challenges and brain-teasing puzzles, Roboduo promises hours of engaging gameplay. Test your problem-solving skills, timing, and coordination as you guide Robo and Geralt to the exit gate, overcoming obstacles and collecting valuable items along the way.

Get ready for an unforgettable journey filled with excitement, teamwork, and clever thinking. Are you up for the challenge? Unleash the power of Robo and Geralt, and embark on the adventure of Roboduo!

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Arrow keys / WASD = move
  • Z = jump
  • X = use electricity (Robo only)
  • C = swap character
  • R = restart
  • Esc = return to the main menu