Red and Blue Ball Cupid love
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Red and Blue Ball Cupid love

Red and Blue Ball Cupid love is an engaging puzzle game where you control both red and blue balls at once by clicking move buttons to fulfill the objective. It’s a fun and bouncy game with a simple control system, providing a challenging experience for players of all ages. Play with family and friends for an even more enjoyable experience. Who has what it takes to save the world? That’s right, the Red and Blue Ball does!


  • Effortless Controls: Effortlessly guide the red and blue balls to the finish line.
  • Enhanced Graphics, Effects, and Sounds: If you’re a fan of red and blue stickman images, you’ll love playing this game.
  • User-friendly Interface: Beautifully designed red and blue colorball theme.
  • Daily Upgraded Exciting Levels: Ball adventure awaits you every day.
  • Multiplayer Fun: Play with friends for even more excitement.
  • Over 100 Levels: Enjoy rolling the ball through various levels.
  • Defeating Evil Monsters: Battle against various evil monsters.
  • Simple yet Addictive Singleplayer Mode: Easy to play, yet hard to put down.
  • Stay Tuned: Follow us for more unique levels, boss fights, challenges, and fun.


Red and Blue Ball Cupid love is developed by Bin Studio.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Use the right and left buttons to roll your balls in their ball adventure
  • Use the up button to jump the ball: make the ball bounce
  • Collect as many coins as you can to unlock new shadow heroes
  • Collect missing halves of hearts: blue ball will only collect blue hearts, similarly, blue ball will only collect red hearts.