Raiden X
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Raiden X


Get ready for some high-flying action in Raiden X! It’s an exciting shoot-em-up game that’s all about shooting and having a blast, just like the classic Raiden games.

You get to control a cool spaceship and fly over enemy bases. Your mission? Blow up tanks, ships, turrets, and basically anything that gets in your way!

Raiden X is packed with cool stuff, like 8 different stages, tons of power-ups to make your ship even cooler, big bosses to defeat, amazing combos, some cheats to make things even more fun, and lots more. It’s a game that’s sure to get your heart racing.

This flash game was published in 2007. Now playable again on the modern web browser. Thanks to

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Use your ARROW KEYS to navigate through menu. In game navigate your ship, using ARROW KEYS, over the enemy base destroying everything as you proceed further. Use “Z” KEY to shoot and “X” key to throw bomb. Collect the weapon upgrades to strengthen your armor before you fight the bosses. Have Fun!