Racing Battlegrounds

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Racing Battlegrounds

Racing Battlegrounds is a cool racing game with many modes to fuel your adrenaline for need for speed. Start your professional racing career. Strap into one of many sports cars as compete in tournament mode, quick race, or demolition derby.

-In tournament mode consist in a series of stages. After you finish them all you may get rewards if you reach the top 3 place and also unlock the next tournament.

-Quick race all you to race and win cash.

-Demolition derby mode is where you locked inside of a small arena with other cars where you must destroy them by using one of your many weapons.

There are many power-ups like missiles, explosives, lighting stuns, slowdowns to beat your opponents, but be careful because they fight back!

Racing Battlegrounds is pretty amazing and will definitely get your blood pumping.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


WASD or arrow keys to drive
R to restart car
E to use power-up

Available on tablet and smartphone: Google Android.