Quinta Color

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Quinta Color

Quintacolor is a unique puzzle game where your goal is to draw a line through 5 blocks that all have a different color in order to clear them. New blocks are constantly falling from the top. So be quick.

Adjacent blocks of the same color will fuse together, making them easier to clear, but potentially cluttering the board. Clear them quickly to keep a good mix of colors present all over the board.

Clearing large clusters fills your meter; click it or press the spacebar to settle the board and fill up those nasty gaps. It also stops blocks from falling for a short time. Save it for when you really need it!

The longer you play, the higher your multiplier gets, and the more points you earn for everything.

More pieces will start to fall when the board is less than half full, and the most will fall when the board is empty. Use this to score lots of points early on.

Multiple matches in quick succession will net you combo points. The longer your streak, the higher the bonus gets!

Code and design by Tom Quinn.
Sound and music by Jacob Ruttenberg.
Best played in Chrome. Works okay in Firefox. Doesn’t work so well on Internet Explorer.
Source code available here.