Protect the DOJO
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Protect the DOJO


Protect your newly open Dojo from rival’s that want to steal your martial art paper scrolls.

Save money over time to make upgrades and train new fighters.

If you lose 25 or more scrolls it is game over.

5 type of fighters to train.

-Simple Fighter: Has nothing extra.

-Boxer: Boxer’s special attack stuns his target for 2 seconds (if the target doesn’t block)

-Kick-boxer: Has %10 critic chance. Critic attack doubles the damage. If special attack and critic occurs at the same time, deals 4x damage.

-Karate Guy: Special attacks deal 3x damage (other fighters 2x)

-Swordsman: Swordsman’s special attack can’t be blocked.

All fighters special attack deals 2x damage. Special attack also throws the target away (except boxer)

Enemy has 5 different fighter too. 3 of them has nothing extra. Other 2 fighters are robot and clone maker

Robot: Casts a shield when got hit. Shield lasts until his stamina ends.

Clone Maker: Has %10 chance to make a clone when got hit.

Will you be able to protect your Dojo? What is your strategy to winning?

Programming and game design by: Mapacarta.

How to Play:

Only use Mouse to play

Choose a fighter from bottom menu to see its details, upgrades etc. Train new fighters, upgrade them.

Dojo related upgrades are in dojo tab. You need to make some upgrades here to unlock other fighters.

-Upgrades only affects newly trained fighters. Existing ones stay same.
-You can’t train new fighters when enemies are too close to dojo.

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