Plane Racing Madness
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Plane Racing Madness

Plane Racing Madness is an airplane racing game in wondering 3D Graphic.

Have you ever imagined piloting a heavily modified plane, a deadly machine that dominates the skies? In this thrilling 3D survival racing game, you can fly and race your custom World War II planes in challenging environments with exciting levels, power-ups, and realistic physics. It’s the ultimate war plane simulator!

Key features:

  • Complete racing system with booster cool down mechanics
  • Enemy AI and dogfighting with five weapons (machine gun, missiles, mines, shield, and repair)
  • Alternative routes and shortcuts
  • Solo and 2-player versus modes
  • Three unique gameplay modes (Championship, Arcade, and Time Trial)
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Local leaderboard to track your progress
  • Unlock system for items and tracks as you progress
  • Cool countdowns and, most importantly, tons of fun for you!


Plane Racing Madness is developed by TastyCherryGames.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

These are the default inputs for Player 1 and Player 2. You can change it in the settings.

  • Player 1 
    • Turn: Left | Right | Up | Down –
    • Booster: X 
    • Break: C 
    • Power-up: Space 
    • Camera: N 
    • Pause: P or Escape
  • Player 2:
    • Movement Keys – WASD keys (W, A, S, D)
    • Brake: G
    • Booster: H
    • Power Up: J
    • Camera View: Y