Permia – Duels

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Permia – Duels

Permia Duels is a online PvP game, where you battle other players in this game of quick combat and smart strategy set in the beautiful Permia universe. Conquer all the driven campaigns. Build up your deck with mighty creatures to fight on your side. Climb the ranking system among other players and try to get top ranked.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


Defeat your opponent by controlling the most units at the end of the game

  • The game is played in turns
  • Deploy a unit on your turn by dragging it on the battlefield
  • Capture an enemy unit by placing a more powerful unit to an adjacent area
  • Ties between units of equal strength are resolved according to unit type
  • The unit types are: Cavalry, Infantry and Ranged units
  • Infantry defeats Cavalry, Cavalry defeats Ranged units and Ranged units defeat Infantry

Use the terrain to your advantage

  • Only flying units can be deployed on mountains
  • Only swimming and flying units can be deployed over water terrain
  • Infantry units are stronger in forests and weaker on plains
  • Cavalry units are stronger on plains and weaker on hills
  • Ranged units are stronger on hills and weaker in forests

Upgrade your units to unlock their full potential

  • All units start at Rank 1 and Level 1
  • A unit’s Rank can be upgraded up to 5, and its Level can be upgraded up to 11
  • Each upgrade makes the unit more powerful