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PAWNBARIAN combines chess with card together into a seamlessly new and unique puzzle game.

– You’re the dude in the horned helmet.

– You have a deck of cards with chess moves. You draw 4 every turn. When your deck is empty, the discard is shuffled into a new deck.

– Drag on a card and highlight a direction to make the corresponding chess move.

– Kill enemies by attacking them like you would capture with a chess piece.

– Red crosshairs are tiles targeted for attacks, you’ll lose lives if you end your turn there. You can get attacked multiple times in a turn, the crosshairs overlap!

– Clear the board to progress through the game.

– You have 2 moves every turn (shown left of the board), and you can press the arrow next to your hand to end your turn early.

– You’ll need to figure out enemy behaviours and attack patterns on your own. Good luck!

All icons from (CC BY 3.0) by Carl Olsen, DarkZaitev, Guard13007, Lorc, Skoll

Pawnbarian is going to be extended into a bigger game for PC and mobile! Follow developers @j4nw.

Just Have Fun!