Papa’s Taco Mia!
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Papa’s Taco Mia!


Experience the flavorful world of Papa’s Taco Mia! After winning a taco-eating contest, you’ve landed a rewarding job in Papa Louie’s brand new taco restaurant. It’s up to you to build mouthwatering tacos and provide exceptional service to satisfy the hunger of a diverse range of customers, all while making Papa Louie proud.

Assist Mitch and Maggie as they take orders, cook meats, and assemble delicious tacos in Papa’s Taco Mia! As you progress, unlock a wide array of toppings and sauces, allowing you to create the perfect taco for both new and loyal customers. Use your hard-earned tips and weekly paycheck to purchase various upgrades for your taco shop, enhancing your efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Prepare yourself for the challenge of serving the demanding and discerning “Closer” customers at the end of each day. Impress the new Food Critic to earn a prestigious Blue Ribbon award, resulting in higher tips and recognition. Aim to earn up to 60 Badges by accomplishing a variety of achievements, such as utilizing specific toppings, achieving high scores in each Station, serving particular customers, and more!

Take control of Papa’s Taco Mia and dive into the vibrant world of taco-making, where delicious flavors and customer satisfaction are the key ingredients for success!

Choose your player: Select your character and embark on your journey as a taco-making champ, starting from the bottom of the wage ladder. Load up your taco with minced beef, peppers, avocado, and any other ingredients the customer desires. Whether it’s a hard shell or soft shell, fulfill their requests to perfection.

Cater to customer specifications: Customers will come with specific preferences, and as you progress, you’ll unlock new ingredients to elevate your taco game. Earn tips from satisfied customers and receive a weekly paycheck, but remember, every dollar goes back into Papa’s pocket.

Master the art of handling ‘closers’: Be extra cautious when serving the ‘closers’—these are the customers with exceptionally high standards introduced in Papa’s Taco Mia! Winning them over requires meticulous attention to detail and exceptional service.

Embrace the Taco Tuesday heat: As the levels advance, the number of customers and their complex demands will increase. Can you handle the pressure in Papa’s kitchen? Your ability to promptly take orders, excel at the grilling station, and demonstrate your artistry during the building stage will determine your success.

Indulge in extravagant upgrades: When the kitchen gets extra spicy, upgrades can help you stay cool under pressure. Utilize your hard-earned money to enhance the cooking and building processes. Acquire coveted items like the golden spatula for the perfect flips, and spruce up the order station with various furnishings to create a delightful waiting experience for your customers.

Spy on customers for taco perfection: Papa has been spying on customers long before the internet. Dive into his diary filled with preferences and insights. Snoop around to learn about your regular customers and improve your service accordingly. The better you serve your customers, the more badges you’ll earn, showcasing your dedication to taco perfection.

This game was made in 2011 in Adobe Flash, Now playable on the modern web browser thanks to


Papa’s Taco Mia! is developed by Flipline Studios.

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