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Papa’s Scooperia


Papa’s Scooperia, created by Flipline Studios, is a restaurant management game where you can serve delicious sundaes to your customers. As the 14th game in the Papa’s Restaurants series, this arcade-style game allows you to customize your character before starting your job at Papa Louie’s new ice cream shop. With a task to bake cookies for the sundaes, scoop ice cream, add toppings, and manage your time to make your customers happy, the game challenges you to rack up tips and level up.

At first, customers will order sundaes with just one cookie and one scoop of ice cream, but as you progress, they will start to ask for larger orders with more scoops, different cookies, and flavors of ice cream on top. You can also earn stickers by completing unique tasks, which can be used to unlock new outfits for your customers. With over 120 sundae ingredients and 40 unique special recipes, the game allows you to get creative with your sundaes.

Other features of the game include Papa’s unique time-management cooking style, mini-games with tons of prizes to win, the ability to customize your chef and server with millions of clothing items, and the option to send coupons to lure customers back. The game is free to play online and offers 116 hungry customers to unlock.


  • Traditional Cookie (Start)
  • Fudge Cookie (Start)
  • Peanut Butter Cookie (Unlocked with Hugo at Rank 5)
  • Lemon Crinkle Cookie (Unlocked with Cecilia at Rank 20)
  • Red Velvet Cookie (Unlocked with Boomer at Rank 26)
  • Oatmeal Cookie (Unlocked on Day 4 of Big Top Carnival)
  • Gingerbread Cookie (Unlocked with Sienna at Rank 46)
  • Snickerdoodle Cookie (Unlocked on Day 6 of Christmas)
  • Chocolate Chips (Start)
  • Peanuts (Start)
  • White Chocolate Chips (Start)
  • Yum n’ Ms (Start)
  • Toffee Chunks (Unlocked with Hank at Rank 3)
  • Pomegranate (Unlocked on Day 6 of Holi)
  • Sugar Crystals (Unlocked on Day 6 of Cherry Blossom Festival)
  • Dried Kiwi (Unlocked with Gremmie at Rank 15)
  • Blackberry Bark (Unlocked on Day 4 of OnionFest)
  • Coconut (Unlocked with Utah at Rank 21)
  • Citrus Zest (Unlocked on Day 6 of Summer Luau)
  • Blueberries (Unlocked on Day 4 of Starlight Jubilee)
  • Hot Rods (Unlocked with Ember at Rank 30)
  • Butterzinger Bits (Unlocked on Day 6 of Big Top Carnival)
  • Raisins (Unlocked with Cameo at Rank 40)
  • Pretzel Bits (Unlocked with Timm at Rank 50)
  • Mint Bar Chunks (Unlocked with Julep at Rank 55)
  • Potato Chips (Unlocked on Day 6 of New Year)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream (Start)
  • Chocolate Ice Cream (Start)
  • Strawberry Ice Cream (Start)
  • Cookies and Cream (Start)
  • Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (Unlocked with Doan at Day 2)
  • Purple Burple Ice Cream (Unlocked with Penny at Rank 4)
  • Hokey Pokey (Unlocked on Day 4 of Holi)
  • Spumoni (Unlocked on Day 4 of Cherry Blossom Festival)
  • Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream (Unlocked on Day 8 of Cherry Blossom Festival)
  • Pistachio Ice Cream (Unlocked on Day 6 of OnionFest)
  • Blue Moon Ice Cream (Unlocked on Day 4 of Summer Luau)
  • Coco Coolada Ice Cream (Unlocked with Chuck at Rank 25)
  • Watermelon Chip Ice Cream (Unlocked with Scooter at Rank 28)
  • Cookie Dough Ice Cream (Unlocked on Day 6 of Baseball Season)
  • Tiger Tail Ice Cream (Unlocked on Day 4 of Halloween)
  • Rocky Road (Unlocked with Rudy at Rank 45)
  • Mocha Chocolate Chunk (Unlocked on Day 6 of Thanksgiving)
  • Ambrosia Ice Cream (Unlocked on Day 4 of Christmas)
  • Moon Mist Ice Cream (Unlocked on Day 4 of New Year)
  • Whipped Cream (Start)
  • Chocolate Syrup (Start)
  • Strawberry Syrup (Start)
  • Butterscotch Syrup (Unlocked on Day 4 of Baseball Season)
  • Chocolate Mousse (Unlocked with Franco at Rank 35)
  • Rainbow Sprinkles (Start)
  • Peanuts (Start)
  • Shaved Chocolate (Start)
  • Pistachios (Unlocked on Day 8 of Holi)
  • Mini Mallows (Unlocked with Sarge Fan at Rank 16)
  • Rock Candy (Unlocked on Day 6 of Starlight Jubilee)
  • Cookie Dough Bits (Unlocked on Day 6 of Halloween)
  • Cherry (Start)
  • Waffle Cone (Start)
  • Salted Caramel (Start)
  • Chocolate Mint (Start)
  • Banana (Unlocked with Janana at Rank 2)
  • Macarons (Unlocked with Kayla at Rank 10)
  • Sugarplum (Unlocked on Day 8 of OnionFest)
  • Ladyfinger (Unlocked on Day 4 of Thanksgiving)
  • Blueberry Swizzle (Unlocked with Fernanda at Rank 60)

The game was initially released on July 24, 2018. Now it playable again in 2023 on the modern web browser.


Papa’s Scooperia is developed by Flipline Studios.

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