Nubik: Escape from Skibidi Prison 3D
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Nubik: Escape from Skibidi Prison 3D

In “Nubik: Escape from Skibidi Prison,” get ready for an exciting 3D parkour platformer adventure that merges the challenging world of Minecraft parkour with the quirky and mischievous Skibidi Toilet. It’s up to you to assist Noob, who desperately needs your help to escape from prison and evade the evil Skibidi Toilet.

Your mission is to guide Noob through a series of thrilling parkour maps filled with numerous obstacles and challenges. As you make your way through the intricate levels, you’ll need to be quick on your feet and think strategically to overcome each hurdle and find the key to escape from both the prison and the menacing Skibidi Toilet.

Parkour your way through the maps, utilizing your platforming skills and timing to leap, run, and navigate the obstacles in your path. Keep a watchful eye out for the Skibidi Toilet, who will be relentless in trying to stop you from making your escape.

Each level will present unique challenges and opportunities to showcase your parkour prowess. You’ll need to perform well-timed jumps, precise maneuvers, and master the art of dodging to outsmart the Skibidi Toilet and secure Noob’s escape.

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How to Play:

  • Movement – WASD or arrows
  • Jump – space
  • Camera rotation – mouse movement
  • Interaction with objects – F