Muscle Challenge
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Muscle Challenge


Muscle Challenge transforms bodybuilding into an engaging and competitive game. This unique game lets you navigate through levels in a single-player mode or challenge a friend in thrilling two-player races. As you play, your objective is to consume protein and healthy foods to build strength, while avoiding harmful foods and obstacles like walls that you must break through.

As you progress, you gain muscle and power, which are crucial for defeating increasingly tough enemies at the end of each race. The game’s difficulty escalates with each level, requiring you to continually improve your strategy and enhance your character’s physical capabilities. Muscle Challenge makes fitness fun by combining the excitement of video games with the principles of bodybuilding, creating a dynamic experience that tests both your reflexes and your nutritional choices.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Single Player Mode:

    • Move: “A, D” or “LEFT-RIGHT ARROWS”(1P MODE ONLY)
    • Hit the Boss: “MOUSE LEFT-CLICK” or “SPACE”
  • In 2 player game mode:
    • Player 1:

      • Move “A, D”
    • Player 2:

      • Move: “LEFT-RIGHT ARROWS”