Mr. Dude: King of the Hill
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Mr. Dude: King of the Hill


“Mr. Dude: King of the Hill” thrusts players into the chaotic and unpredictable world of the infamous criminal Mr. Dude. Stranded on a mountain’s peak, Mr. Dude faces an uprising as the local residents, eager for justice, are determined to capture him for the authorities. This action-packed game challenges players to employ strategy, brute force, and everything in their arsenal to survive, defeat the enemies, and claim the mountain as their own.

Experience the thrill of combat with realistic ragdoll physics that add a layer of complexity and hilarity to each encounter. Watch as your opponents flail, fall, and fly through the air in response to your actions.

The environment is your playground, and virtually anything can become a weapon in your hands. From sticks and stones to more creative and destructive options, use your surroundings to your advantage to fend off attackers.

Battle your way through a variety of challenging levels, each presenting unique obstacles and enemy types. From aggressive townsfolk to trained law enforcement, adapt your strategy to overcome each new threat.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Control (computer):
    • WASD, arrows – movement
    • Space – jump, wake up
    • F – pick up an item
    • G – eat food
    • E – climb
    • Q – inventory
    • Left mouse button – hit/throw/shot
    • Right mouse button – aim
    • 1, 2 – switching items
  • Control (mobile devices):
    • Buttons on the screen