Monster Trucks Moon Crash Test
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Monster Trucks Moon Crash Test

“Monster Trucks Moon Crash Test” is an exhilarating truck driving game that transports you to the moon, offering a unique blend of lunar exploration and extreme truck driving. This game fulfills the fantasy of not just visiting the moon, but mastering its terrain in a Monster Truck equipped with massive wheels. Imagine racing across the moon’s surface, navigating past craters and enjoying breathtaking views of Earth from space.

In this game, players can engage in a variety of activities from performing daring stunts and tricks to participating in high-speed races across the lunar landscape. The rugged and otherworldly terrain of the moon provides the perfect backdrop for showcasing your driving skills and pulling off spectacular maneuvers.

As you progress, the game allows you to upgrade your trucks, enhancing their performance and appearance, which is crucial for tackling more challenging courses and stunts.


Monster Trucks Moon Crash Test is developed by AA2G1.

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