Mine Raid
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Mine Raid

Mine Raid is an action-packed 3D defense and survival game set in the world of Minecraft. Your mission is to protect your home from relentless waves of enemies and survive the dark times that descend upon you. As day turns into night, evil forces arise, and you must stand strong to fend off the creepiest creatures and prevent them from enslaving you.

To succeed in Mine Raid, you must keep a close eye on your health and mana levels, displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. Mana is crucial for using various powerful attacks against the enemies. Timing your attacks and managing your resources will be vital to overcome the horde.

Utilize both melee and ranged combat to defeat the enemies that dare to invade your territory. Your skills with different weapons will play a significant role in your survival. Collect gold from defeating enemies and unlock new features and upgrades to enhance your abilities and defenses.

The game offers a variety of challenges with over 20+ different levels and a wide array of 30+ inventory items to discover and use. Each weapon comes with unique characteristics, adding depth to the gameplay and allowing you to adapt your strategies accordingly.

As you progress through Mine Raid, the enemies will grow stronger, testing your combat skills and tactical prowess. Protect your home, stand your ground, and push back the evil forces to emerge victorious in this thrilling Minecraft defense and survival adventure. Are you ready to take on the challenge and defend your world from the darkness?

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How to Play:

  • [W, A, S, D] – Move.
  • Mouse – Rotate the camera.
  • Spacebar – Jump.
  • Left mouse button – Weapon (hit).
  • Right mouse button – Spell.
  • [Q] – Special ability.
  • [TAB] – Pause.