Merge Archers 3D
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Merge Archers 3D

Join the battle for your kingdom and fight for your king! Use your archery skills to defend the castle and defeat the enemy army in this exciting arrow game. Merge bowmasters to create the strongest stickman archery squad and become the ultimate hero of the bow and arrow war.

In this turn-based 3D archery game, you must survive the battle of castles and capture the enemy’s fortress. Aim carefully by tapping on the screen to adjust the angle and strength of your attack. Release your finger to shoot a cloud of arrows and defeat your opponents. Be strategic and make every move count!

To improve your army, connect your archers wisely and purchase new ones. This game offers an exciting combination of archery, strategy, and stickman action. Are you ready to become the greatest stickman archer hero and win the war for your kingdom?

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