Stickman Merge
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Stickman Merge

In StickmanMerge, you’ll embark on a casual action and merging adventure where your main objective is to combine different types of weapons to create more powerful guns. Your journey begins in the shooting range, where you’ll face moving stick figures as your targets. As you progress, your goal is to become the best shooter in town by assembling the most powerful arsenal.

To play, you’ll start with a basic pistol and collect various types of weapons that appear on the screen. By merging similar weapons together, you’ll create more advanced firearms with increased firepower. As you continue merging and upgrading your guns, you’ll be able to deal more damage to the stick figures in the shooting range, allowing you to clear levels and earn rewards.

The merging mechanic adds a strategic element to the gameplay, as you must carefully choose which weapons to combine to maximize their effectiveness. Experiment with different combinations and find the most powerful gun setups to dominate the targets in the shooting range.

Throughout the game, you’ll also encounter power-ups that can further enhance your shooting abilities. Use these power-ups wisely to gain an advantage and achieve higher scores.

As you progress and earn rewards, you’ll be able to upgrade your pistol and unlock new features and abilities, adding depth to the gameplay and offering a sense of progression.

With its casual action gameplay and merging mechanics, Stick Mergeman offers an addictive and engaging experience. Challenge yourself to create the most powerful guns and improve your shooting skills to become the ultimate stick figure shooter. Stick around to witness your arsenal grow and your shooting prowess reach new heights!

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