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Medieval Cop 11

In Medieval Cop 8 -DeathWish- (Part 2), dregg is back from Hell and back into another Hell.
Dreg’s co-workers are under mind control of Draziel. Help Dregg save his friends. Dregg will encounters a variety of traps and puzzles. You must solve each trap to progress with the story and move to the next area. Each puzzle will be harder the the previous one, so you must use your brain to observe the situation and work out how to proceed. There are interesting and humorous dialogue throughout to accompany the gripping and challenging gameplay.

Will you be able to help Dregg rescue his friends?

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As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


Left Click to Move and Select,
Right Click to access menu and go back,
PageDown to scroll text fast.
(Please note this game requires a mouse or similar
touch feature to play.)