Me and the Key
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Me and the Key

Picture yourself in a world full of giggles and joy, where the coolest things like penguins, bricks, trees, and balls are part of your everyday adventure. The Me and the Key game, made by the awesome Bart Bonte, is all about having a blast with the little things. No big scary monsters or sparkly treasures, just a key. But not just any key – it’s the key to happiness, fun, and loads of good times!

Your main mission? Go on an epic quest to find that super special key in each level! You’ll dive into lots of mini-games, each with its own tricky challenge, but they all share one thing – that awesome little key waiting for you at the end. It’s all about using your super smart brain, looking at things in a cool way, and enjoying the adventure every step of the way. Ready for the fun ride? Let’s go find those keys!


Me and the Key is developed by Bart Bonte.

Just Have Fun!