Mario Advance 4
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Mario Advance 4


“Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3” is an enhanced remake of the classic NES game “Super Mario Bros. 3,” specifically developed for the Game Boy Advance (GBA). This retro platformer breathes new life into a beloved game by improving graphics and audio to match the capabilities of the GBA, while still retaining the charm and gameplay that made the original a legend.

In this title, players have the option to play as either Mario or Luigi as they embark on a grand adventure through the Mushroom World. The game is structured around eight unique kingdoms, each ruled by one of the seven Koopa Kids or the formidable Bowser himself. The Koopa Kids have stolen seven magic rods from the kings of these kingdoms, using them to transform the kings into various creatures. Players must navigate through intricately designed levels, overcoming challenges and enemies to retrieve the rods and restore the kings to their original forms.

“Super Mario Advance 4” not only offers players a chance to experience one of the most iconic games in the Mario franchise on a modern handheld system but also adds new elements and levels that were not present in the original NES version. This makes the game a must-play for both newcomers to the series and nostalgic fans eager to relive their childhood memories with enhanced gameplay features.

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