Machine Gun Gardener
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Machine Gun Gardener


Play as a rookie gardener that must defend your farm with machine guns.


Game Concept/Art/UI/Design:
•   Peter Tracy – @studio11508

GUI Tracking:
•   Waypoint Indicators by Studio11508

•   “Call to the Cows” by Kevin MacLeod
•   “Corncob Country” by Kevin MacLeod
•   “Guts and Bourbon” by Kevin MacLeod
•   “Lost Native” by Nat Keefe with The Bow Ties
•   Trailer Music: “Chiptuned ROck Music” by Bertz

Sound FX:
•   Casual Sounds by NK
•   Sci-Fi Gun Sounds by Cafofo

•   Calaboose & Nickname created by Jakob Fischer

How to Play:

Walk – WASD
Run – Shift
Jump – Space
Look – Mouse
Shoot – Left Mouse
Special Weapon – Right Mouse
Cycle Special Weapons – 1-4 on keyboard or mouse wheel
Quit Game (Mac & PC) – Esc
Pause – Tab / C