Legally Addicted
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Legally Addicted


Legally Addicted is a funny a dungeon-crawler-ish actiongame about escaping new job and going out for a smoke. The story goes that John was hired and now work for big and important company. John spend the entire day working on a report, now everyone left except for him. The building is unfamiliar to him and he felt losted.

You must help John get out for a smoke before he loses his mind. There is no health bar or timer, but anxiety levels and unemployment meter.

ANXIETY STAT: Timed. If you get too anxious, will start to break stuff. You can find coffee, chocolate, soda or medicine to lower your anxiety. If it goes full, you die.

UNEMPLOYMENT STAT: When you break stuff, it rises. You can find lost office papers, pencils, etc to lower it. If it goes full, you get a little crazier…

Created by Nonsense Bull Games.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

ETC: Move with WASD or arrows (S or down arrow turns in place), jump with space or crouch with C. There is a key in a specific room, and you have to find it to open the stairs and get to the exit. The compass will guide you to the current objective.

ATTACK: with left mouse click or left Ctrl, aim is automatic when enemy gets into range. Cycle weapons with mouse wheel, or Q/E.