Learn to Fly 3
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Learn to Fly 3


In Learn to Fly 3, you’re on a mission to build and upgrade a super cool spaceship. Step by step, you’ll make your way to outer space. But hold on, it’s not a walk in the park! Every time you launch, you’ve got to beat your own high score. And guess what? The better you do, the more money you earn. Use that cash to make your launch even more awesome! Keep going, and you’ll soar through the sky, seeing the stars and planets. Just don’t give up – keep trying!

The game has three modes: Story Mode, where you pimp your spaceship and conquer time challenges; Payload Mode, where you build a super strong ship to carry heavy stuff; and Classic Mode, where you aim to fly as far as you can using cool new strategies.

This is a flash game released on February 19, 2016. Now it is playable again online thanks to ruffle.rs

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