Last Legacy: First Chapter


Last Legacy: First Chapter

Last Legacy is a side-scrolling, platformer-puzzle game. You play as an adventurer with a magical terraforming ability where you can manipulate the environment around you as you explore new areas, battle enemies, and discover secrets.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


Note: You may experience problems running this game in Chrome. It is recommended you use a browser other than Chrome or a low quality setting.

Controls are explained in the game. In a future version they will be customizable.


Level Designer Controls:

Arrow keys to move the camera.

Arrow Keys + Shift to move the camera faster.


Shortcut Keys:

V when an item is selected – Open properties window

Control – Z = Undo

Control – Y = Redo

Control X, delete = Delete Selected Item or Tiles

Control C = Copy

Control V = Paste

When playing a level, use the backspace key to return