Laser League

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Laser League

A cool little puzzle game where you move boxes around to block obstacles like lasers in order to steal the diamonds.


Unravel the Fortress of Inscrutability

Robber Baron has stolen the town jewels, but never fear!

Mighty Bridget won’t be pushed around. She does the pushing!

Teenaged Sophie is unsurpassed in laser-leaping skill!

No cranny is too tiny for child prodigy Zelda!

Evildoers are no match for THE LASER LEAGUE!

Made with ♥︎ by Tim Knauf.


Created using the wonderful PuzzleScript, without which this wouldn’t exist.

Enhanced with PuzzleScript Game Bar.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


Arrow keys ←↕→ (or WASD) to move around.
X (or Space) to change character.
Z to undo mistakes.
R to restart a level.