Hololive Holoween collection
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Hololive Holoween collection


3 Hololive fangames in one collection includes Pumpkin Party, Dr. Ninomae’s evil laboratory of dangerous experimentations, and Gawrzilla attacks.

The Holoween collection is a set of 3 games featuring HoloMyth’s halloween costumes from the Holoween stream!

Play as Amelia Watson, Gawr Gura and Ninomae Ina’nis in their cute outfits!

3 Games:

  • Pumpkin Party, Ame’s game, is a first-person shooter where you fight hordes of pumpkin creatures!
    Pick your powerups wisely, as the pumpkin mutations will make your life hard!
  • Dr. Ninomae’s evil laboratory of dangerous experimentations is a puzzle game where you use MATHS to help Ina transform Takodachis into perfect creatures!
  • Gawrzilla attacks lets you wreak havoc in a city as the most adorable kaiju ever, Gura!
    Destroy skyscrapers and dodge nukes to score millions of points!


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