Acid Factory
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Acid Factory

Toxichem Inc’s Acid Factory is in chaos due to a catastrophic cooling system failure, resulting in a massive explosion that has unleashed a deluge of green acid throughout the entire facility. Harry, an experienced factory worker, finds himself trapped in the filtering chamber where he was working when the disaster struck.

Objective: Collect Batteries and Escape Each Room In every room of the factory, you’ll find scattered batteries. These batteries are vital for powering up the teleporter, which Harry needs to escape to the next room. Carefully search each room and gather all the batteries you can find. But remember, time is of the essence! The quicker you complete a level, the higher your score will be.

Watch Out for Acid and Mutants The green acid is highly hazardous, and any contact with it will harm Harry. Be sure to jump over any acid pools you come across. Additionally, beware of the mutants that now inhabit the factory—some of whom used to be Harry’s coworkers. These mutated beings are extremely dangerous and will harm Harry if they make contact with him.

Meet the Acid Factory Baddies:

  • Acid Blobs: Beware of these slimy, squishy, jelly-like creatures. They appeared mysteriously after the acid mixed with some not-so-appetizing cafeteria yogurt.
  • The Tentacle: A creepy sight in the acid pools! This purple, slimy tentacle enjoys surprising unsuspecting victims by whipping them. Its origin and how it thrives in the acid remain a mystery, so it’s best to stay away from the pools if possible!
  • Mutated Coworker: Oh no! Harry’s coworkers have turned into zombies due to the explosion. Although a bit clumsy, they still pose a threat to Harry. Watch out for their stumbling limbs!
  • Robot Workers: Once helpful assistants, these robots have been taken over by weird, slimy acid blobs, turning them against Harry. Don’t underestimate them—they’re tougher than they appear!
  • Mutated Boss: The factory’s formidable leaders have transformed into swift, powerful monsters. They can spit corrosive acid from their faces, which can cause serious harm. Be on high alert as these adversaries are quite formidable.

As Harry navigates through the acid-filled rooms, he realizes that something is amiss—the factory is now inhabited by otherworldly creatures, some of which bear an unsettling resemblance to his colleagues. Could the acid have triggered such rapid mutations? Or are these creatures the cause of the explosion, now seizing control over the workers’ bodies?

Equipped with only a gamma-ray pistol, Harry must defend himself against the mutants and find a way out of the factory before the main reactor reaches its critical state and explodes, posing an even greater threat to his survival. The toxic vapors from the acid are rapidly polluting the air, further escalating the urgency of his escape.

This flash game was made in October 7, 2015. Now it is playable again on the modern web browser.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • [ARROWS] Move
  • [SPACE] Jump
  • [Z] To shoot when you pick up the gun