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“Grot” is a first-person shooter that harks back to the classic style and intensity of early Doom games. In this retro-inspired adventure, players arm themselves with a trusty crossbow to take on a malevolent empire. The game plunges you into dark, sprawling environments, each teeming with enemies loyal to the empire. As you navigate through the gritty and ominous settings, the high-stakes action and old-school graphics evoke a nostalgic yet thrilling gaming experience. Prepare for a relentless battle as you aim to dismantle the empire’s forces, uncover hidden secrets, and thwart their sinister plans in “Grot.”

Game made for Lospec Jam 2 with the following restrictions:

  • 8 button controller (no mouse controls),
  • 256×224 resolution,
  • 16 color palette.

Created by:

Just Have Fun!